Established in 2004, under the parent company Sarvottam Furniture & Interiors, Ettorez has made its name everywhere for its wide range, high quality and customized designs. Founded by Eklavaya Bhaskar the company has utilized his strength and business skills to reach to the heights.


In 2001, a seasoned designer, Eklavaya joined his family business of office furniture, incorporated by his grandfather . With a strong innate design sense Eklavaya has been part of over 500 projects with renowned architects and interior designers from all over the country.

With the years of experience and an inborn entrepreneurial fire, he started Ettorez Office furniture with a purpose to reach every person who sit and work whether in office or home and all levels of designation in different industries.

Today Ettorez is manufacturing more than 30,000 units a year with more than 120k satisfied clients.


As lot of people in our country suffer from back pains and other physical issues due to BAD SEATING POSTURE which is an outcome of an inappropriate guidance of sellers and product unavailability.

We have clear vision to educate our customer the importance of selecting the appropriate chair according to their state of work, profile, number of seating hours with reference to the body structure(weight/height) etc.to make their seating comfortable and improve productivity. With a well researched team to manufacture the most suitable, customizable and comfortable chair, we source all our products with precision ensuring that any treasure you take from Ettorez is exclusive ,just like you.


  • Delhi based retail store with more than 300 products in display in area of 7500 sqft.
  • BIFMA (Level 5), ISO 9001:2015 International level certified.
  • More than 120k + satisfied clients including top architects, Interior stylists serving various industries like automobile, IT, hospitality, medical, banquets, schools, jewelers, apparels and many more professionals.
  • Manufacturing capacity of more than one lakh units a year with the help of experienced and skilled laborers and latest technology machinery and equipment.
  • Serving widest range of products with all kind customization as per requirements.
  • Above all THE SMILES of our clients who are at their best while using our products is our greatest accomplishment.


The trust that BIFMA Level 5 certification imparts to customers regarding the product and the company:



Trust in the Product

Trust in the Company

Quality Assurance

High-quality, durable, reliable chairs

Commitment to producing top-quality products

Compliance with Standards

Meets/exceeds industry benchmarks

Demonstrates transparency and accountability


Eco-friendly and responsible product

Commitment to sustainability practices

Reduced Risk

Fewer defects, warranty claims, and issues

Adherence to legal and ethical standards

Customer Satisfaction

Ensures long-term comfort and contentment

Enhanced reputation for customer satisfaction

BIFMA Level 5 certification not only signifies product quality but also reflects positively on the company's reputation, ethics, and commitment to customer satisfaction, all of which enhance the trust that customers place in the product and the company.

The value of ISO 9001:2015 certification specifically in terms of furniture manufacturing:



Value of ISO 9001:2015 Certification in Furniture Manufacturing

Quality Furniture

Ensures consistently high-quality, well-crafted furniture.

Customer Satisfaction

Increases customer satisfaction by meeting or exceeding expectations.

Efficient Production Processes

Promotes efficient manufacturing, reducing waste and resource consumption.

Cost Reduction

Leads to cost savings, which can be reflected in competitive pricing.

Risk Mitigation

Identifies and addresses potential production issues, reducing defects and recalls.

Competitive Advantage

Sets the manufacturer apart, attracting discerning customers and partners.

Global Recognition

Facilitates international trade and collaborations with other businesses.

Legal Compliance

Helps meet legal and regulatory requirements in various markets.

Continuous Improvement

Encourages adapting to changing customer preferences and industry trends.


Aligns with sustainable practices in materials and production processes.



ISO 9001:2015 certification is highly valuable for furniture manufacturing as it ensures consistent quality, customer satisfaction, efficiency, and a competitive edge while also supporting legal compliance and sustainability efforts.