About us

http://ettorez.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/Established-Home-Office-in-a-Garage.jpgEttorez is a group of interior designing and office furniture manufacturing unit in the field since last 14 years.

Incorporated in 2004, Sarvottam Furniture & Interiors has launched “ETTOREZ”.

Ettorez produces office furniture with an extensive collection of desks, chairs, tables, bookcases and more. Firmly adhere to quality and comfort oriented business philosophy. Ettorez endeavors to produce optimum office furniture without compromising on comfort and quality.

The Ettorez office furniture is ideal for creating work environment designed for people and for their well being. We deeply believe that only joyful workers can give the best outputs and pleasing business experiences can yield the greatest business relationships. Our aim is to improve the working condition in office thereby increasing the productivity and efficiency of human resources.

Ettorez has been considered as a professional manufacturer because we always keep five principles in mind: Integrity, Quality, Flexibility, Responsibilty and Continual improvement. In order to stay competitive in today’s dynamic business environment, we have been dedicated to the design, research and development for continual improvement on products and technology. We are devoted to maintain all our product and services in the highest quality. From raw materials, furnished products to customer satisfaction and feedbacks, we ensure that all aspects are aligned. Believing research and development of new technological solutions a key to improve competitiveness. We constantly monitor levels of efficiency and effectiveness of processes. Hence stay ahead of the market and prioritize innovation. Our diverse collection of office furniture is aesthetically pleasing and ergonomically comfortable.

Under the guidance of our Managing Director Mr. Eklavaya Bhaskar, Ettorez is growing at constant pace taking up various projects from corporate, commercial, institutional and hospitality sectors.

As one would expect from ISO 9001:2015 certified companies, management’s vision to grow and innovate would allow the company to set exceptional standards for the future.



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